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How I Got My First Job as a Web Developer | Self-taught

I went from lost and broke to self taught Web Developer with no Computer Science degree or bootcamps and this is how I did it.

Prior to finding code, I had no clue about computer science, what is was or all the many things you could do with coding knowledge. I was the girl who would always have custom backgrounds on my Android text apps, custom fonts and layouts. Everyone would always ask how I did it and to me it was just fun. I didn’t see it as an “intro” to the tech world.

I was born in 1990 so I’m what you could call the “bridge” generation. Not born into tech but grew up with it as it evolved. Although I was among the first users to use the first round social media platforms like Facebook and MySpace, I was a black girl who didn’t grow up seeing other people who look like me talking about computer science so anything I did know, I was blindly learning without putting a name to it.

I was in banking for years before tech.

I’ve always had typical jobs. I worked at Best Buy, Office Depot, and Daycares. In 2014 I started in the banking world as a Teller and worked my way up to a Financial Coach. I thought I wanted to retire in banking and continue working up to a management position. The only problem with this plan is that I would cap out at a certain pay and position. I also didn’t really want to be in finance and wasn’t happy with other people dictating my growth.

One day, I got tired of being unhappy in the space I was in and decided enough was enough. I packed all my stuff during my lunch break and left and never looked back. I had to take this leap of faith to find what is now a life changing career.

To hear more about my story and how I became a Web Developer with no Computer Science degree or bootcamps, be sure to watch my YouTube video attached to this blog.

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