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Free Coding Bootcamp | Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

As a YouTuber who makes content about tech, specifically about learning to code on your own, I get a lot of comments where people share their resources and what they’ve used to learn how to code. I remember a few of my subscribers commenting that they were enrolled in this Coding Bootcamp and how amazing it was and honestly at the time, I wasn’t in a place to be able to check it out for myself.

It wasn’t until I attended a tech meetup about a month ago. I was a day away from my last day working as a web developer at a creative agency and I was feeling stuck and overwhelmed about my skillset needing to improve but not really knowing where to start. I met someone at this meetup who mentioned that they were struggling as a developer and had enrolled into a free online coding bootcamp. She mentioned the name of it and I instantly remembered it from my subscribers comments. 

This bootcamp has been game changing and I’m only at the beginning maybe 6 classes in. While I already know most of the things being covered so far, there are things that are clicking for me that didn’t before no matter how hard I tried with other courses and learning platforms. I want to share this bootcamp with you today in hopes that more people become aware of this gem on the internet.

The Coding Bootcamp

The bootcamp I am referring to is called #100Devs. This bootcamp was created by an amazingly talented engineer name Leon Noel and has helped hundreds of people learn to code and get their first role in the tech industry. A “fully free 30 week bootcamp” with the most amazing, supportive community I’ve ever seen.

The live version of the bootcamp is over but I will share with you how you can access all of the previously streamed classes, homework, and Discord to take this bootcamp at your own pace. If you’d like to watch my YouTube video covering this topic instead of reading, please do so here. Let’s jump right in!

What the bootcamp provides:


By joining the #100Devs bootcamp, you will gain access to previously streamed classes that were held every Tuesday and Thursday. These classes are 3 hours long but will be spent talking about the given topic and active learning by practicing during the class. Leon’s goal for his students is to learn frontend and backend development making you a full stack developer by the end of the cohort. This means you’ll be learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Node, React, and MongoDB.

At the end of each class you will get homework. I personally do the homework but don’t submit it because the live cohort is now over however there are instructions on how to submit the homework if you would like.


The bootcamp has a Discord where you will find a huge community of people who have taken this bootcamp and many resources that will help you during your journey. I have found the Discord channel especially helpful at times where I was working on homework and didn’t understand why something wasn’t working. When I’ve searched the class number on Discord, there has always been a thread that I was able to find where someone else struggled with the same assignment and I gained clarity.

I also love the celebration channel because this is where people who have completed the bootcamp come and talk about their successes in finding their jobs as software engineers. I love coming here simply for motivation when I feel like things are overwhelming or I feel burnout to remind myself that I too have another success story coming to me soon with hard work and dedication. More than anything, it’s so amazing to read stories about how this bootcamp and the new jobs are literally changing peoples lives.

Extended resources

If the classes and homework are not enough, Leon also posts other content on his YouTube channel where he goes over topics such as how to apply for your first job, networking, tutorials, and more. 

There are also Twitter Spaces sessions where alumni get on live audio chats to discuss their experiences getting their jobs in the tech industry. They are there to inspire and answer your questions.

Leon’s main goal is to get you to learn enough to go out and get a job as a software engineer. He will go over how to freelance, how to get your clients, how to network, and ultimately get a job in tech. His alumni have gotten jobs at companies like Amazon, Twitter, startups, and many other amazing companies.

Why I love this bootcamp

I have been on my self-taught coding journey since 2019. During this time, I have used resources such as freeCodeCamp, Team Treehouse, Udemy courses, Harvard CS50, and of course YouTube University. Throughout these experiences I have found that while they are all amazing resources and all have many great things to offer, they were all missing something for me. A great instructor with a great community in one place. 

Leon Noel is a great instructor with a unique and engaging teaching style. He makes the learning fun and makes the topics I already know actually make sense. There have been many things I’ve learned on my journey that I’ve not gained clarity on and he has a way of making it click. 

Another huge reason I love this bootcamp is because every single thing about it is free! Anything Leon recommends during the classes and for homework with always be free. He doesn’t even have his YouTube channel monetized so we are able to watch the classes and tutorials with no interruptions. His sole interest is helping others and that is what makes this experience so unique and amazing.

If you have watched my YouTube videos before, you know I am always saying the only way to truly learn how to code is to practice and actually code and build things. During this bootcamp you will get a lot of hands-on practice and that is always the main thing I look for in any coding resource. 

Who is this bootcamp for?

This course is made for anyone at any level in their coding career. Whether you are a complete beginner who has never written a line of code or an experienced engineer looking to get more clarity or a refresher on certain concepts, this bootcamp can be very beneficial. I myself have held two web developer jobs and feel like I need more concrete learning and clarity for a lot of things so I’ve decided to step back from the working field and focus on improving my development skills.

Ready to get started on your #100Devs journey?

Complete the following steps

  1. Visit Leon Noel’s website 
  2. Read through the #100Devs material on the homepage.
  3. You will be asked to complete a set of simple tasks that can be found here.
  4. You will also need to fill out this form.
  5. It is highly recommended you join the #100Devs Discord to get access to the class materials and the many other resources provided in this one spot. (Be sure the read further instructions on how to properly join and gain full access to all of the channels.)
  6. To keep track of your learning, use #communitytaught . Here you can sign up and get access to all the classes, homework, and resources needed to complete the bootcamp. I use this to keep track of the material and assignments I have completed and not lose place of where I am since the bootcamp isn’t currently live.


There is a special channel on the #100Devs Discord called Catchup-crew. This is especially helpful for those of you not taking the course during the live cohorts. Catchup-crew is where you’ll find support for other students that are where you are or close to where you are on your bootcamp studies. Be sure to check it out to get support from those in the same position as you!

I am still going through this bootcamp and will continue giving updates as I hit different milestones throughout. I will give my final review once I complete the bootcamp. Overall, I am super excited about my learning journey this time around and excited to see what is next for me in my career.

Thank you so much for reading. If you found this helpful and would like to check out more content on tech, self-learning, and self-discovery, be sure to check out my YouTube channel and follow me on Instagram @theminimaljess 

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Thank you for reading!